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D44TVD/TVG 2017

Update 7 Nov

After 4 days of EME-activity we pack everything again and prepair it for the return journey. At 2m, 70cm, 13cm, 9cm und 6cm we were quite successful. Unfortunately, it did not work with 3cm.
The need for 2m-QSO's surprised me, because it was activated by the the X-Team 6 month ago. Since we only had limited luggage, the 2m-amplifier stayed at home. So I used my 70cm-amplifier. This amplifier produced at feed 240W only. I thought, that I needed 2m essentially for QSO' with JA-stations. Unforttunately, I did not succeed. I saw some JA-calls, but my HF-output of "2m"-amplifier was not enough for QSO's with them.

Results: 2m 102 QSO's, 70cm 33 QSO's, 13cm 11 QSO's, 9cm 7 QSO's and 6cm 6 QSO's (at al 159 QSO's).

The finally logs are online. If there are any questions or problems, contact peter@dl1rpl.de .

We thank all who called us!

73 Hermann&Peter

Update 6 Nov

Today in the morning I worked some nice QRP-stations (DK3XT 11/750, DL4DWA 11/500, G4TRA 11/400). On both sides QRP (here abaut 240W at feed)! At al in my 2m-log 82 calls now.
Hermann tried to activate 10 Ghz, but without luck. He does not know the reason.
In the evening the last day of activity starts. I will be on 2m. I had to decide between 2m and 70cm. Changing at night is not possible on the roof. I had more requests for 2m, so I will stay on this band. Sri for 70cm-guy's! D44TVD will be on 6cm. I hope with more success than last night.
The 2m log is up to date.

Update 5 Nov

Today D44TVD will be qrv on 10 GHz and D44TVG again on 2m. In direction of MR is a building, so we can not start with elevation 0. Lets see. Maybe the moon is rising right of the building. I hope, that station from Ja will be qrv on 2m. I will look for them.
The logs are updated.

Update 4 Nov

Last night D44TVD activated 13cm. He had some technical problems, so the start was delayed. At al 11 QSO's in his log. D44TVG activated 2m with QRP-equipment (less then 250W at feed). In his log are 59 calls.
At abaut 20:00 UTC we want to start on 9cm and 70cm. we are ready now. Logs and pictures are updated.

Update 3 Nov

We are ready now (see pictures). At 19:00 UTC (MR) D44TVD will start on 13cm and D44TVG on 2m (144.134 Mhz). We can work with MR elevation 0 degrees.

Update 2 Nov

We arrived Paria airport 01:30 local time in the early morning. After one our we had our visums ... At 04:00 we were in our QTH. After 3 hours sleeping and a strong coffee (see picture) Peter was driving to Paria for Internet-simcards. At 13:00 he was back and we started to build up our stations. but it is too hot on the roof (32 degrees in shadow ...), so we had to stop. Lets do it in the evening. At the moment we do not know when we will start.

Update 30 Oct

Hermann informed me, that he had to cancel the 23cm-activity!

Update 25 Oct

Schedule:    2/3 Nov  2m and 13cm (100W at feed)
                  3/4 Nov  2m and 9cm (100W at feed)
                  4/5 Nov  70cm and 23cm (200W at feed)
                  5/6 Nov  2m (70cm on request) and 3cm (60W at feed)
                  6/7 Nov  
2m (70cm on request) and 6cm (55W at feed)

Update 21 Oct

Hermann (DL2NUD) and Peter (DL1RPL) will be qrv via EME from Kap Verde (HK85). Our activity starts on 2 November and ends on 7 November.
2m, 70cm and GHz-bands will be activated.
Our main attetion is on 70cm and GHz, because the X-Team (D44TU) was
already qrv on 2m from Kap Verde 6 month ago.
The flights and location have been fixed and paid for. The licenses and the document for the customs we got. The callsign for 2m/70cm is D44TVG and for GHz is D44TVD. We have to carry a lot of equipment ...
We hope to have Internet at the QTH from the beginning. We will use the chat pages provided by N0UK and HB9Q.  We try to be on the air on MR 2 November,
if we can get the station built in time.  A schedule will be published later. You will find more information here and a daily update of the logs on relevant buttons of my Webpage.

Questions or sked requests to: peter@dl1rpl.de

   2 x 8*8IJJ2 (only 300W from duoband-amplifier)
  2 x EF7017 SSPA 400W
1,5m dish (different amplifiers)

Any donations are welcome.
Paypal peter@dl1rpl.de

Special thanks to our sponsers:

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